Raising Aspirations

Brilliant Club

Each year, 12 children from year 6 are given the opportunity to work with ‘The Brilliant Club’ to
inspire them and encourage them to consider going to university in the future.

The Brilliant Club is an award winning, non‐profit organisation that aims to widen access to highly
selective universities, with a particular focus on areas that have low university participation rates.
They do this by placing PhD students in schools to deliver university‐ style teaching to small groups
of high performing pupils.

This year, our children took part in philosophy tutorials, based around the theme of ‘fairness’.
The project started with the children visiting Kings College, London before the pupils took part in 6
hours of tutorials in school with Maria, our PhD tutor. The final assignment required the pupils to
write a 1000 word essay entitled, ‘What is fairness?’ The children had to draw on the knowledge
they had gained in their seminars, do some additional research and reading and write their essay

The project concluded with a graduation at Cambridge University, where our children received their
awards and graduation certificates at the prestigious Union Building in the heart of Cambridge.
We are very proud of all of the children who took part this year and look forward to hearing about
their successes in the future.

We will be working alongside the Brilliant Club in 2015‐16...watch this space for more information!
For more information about the Brilliant Club, take a look at the website.


Inspiring our children to aim higher!

On Tuesday, 3rd February 2015, 12 children from year 6 visited Cambridge University to attend their
graduation from ‘The Brilliant Club’. As part of their jam‐packed day, the children had a tour of Selwyn College; met with students from Cambridge to ask them questions about what life at a highly selective
university is like; and had a whistle‐stop tour of the city, before graduating from the Union Building. Despite experiencing some problems with our transport, we had a wonderful day and we would like to take the opportunity to stress how proud we are of all the children who graduated:
Ruhaniyah, Fleur, Amira, Arham, Yusuf, Dexandra, Helena, Megan, Ilham, Amaiya and Shanique. A special ‘congratulations’ to Fleur and Ruhaniyah who graduated with distinction. We all hope that you have been inspired and look forward to hearing about your successes in the future.