Homework During School Closure


A message for our pupils:

Here you’ll find a link to your special learning page. Make sure you check-in every Monday morning to explore all the activities your teacher has set for the week. 

Remember to read for at least 30mins and complete a MyMaths activity every day and a Maths with Parents activity every week! Children from Year 2-6 can also practice their times tables on TT rockstars each day.

For those of you in Key Stage 2, a lot of your homework will be set on Google Classroom, which your teachers will be logging onto regularly to monitor and leave feedback. If you have to visit a website, your teacher will look forward to hearing about it when they call you at home, so be ready to share!

If you have some pictures of things you’ve made, or something fun you’ve taken part in, why not ask your adult at home to email them to the school info address or add them to Google Classroom for your teacher to see?

A message for our parents:

We know it’s an uncertain time for our families right now, and many have been asking for advice on how to juggle the pressure of work with managing their child’s home learning. 

The activities set by your child’s class teacher are enough to support their learning at this time. Remember that reading, exercise and relaxation are so important to support the wellbeing of the whole family. For those of who who would like further activities - take a look at the 'Home learning' tab on our website. This page has numerous links to websites that are supporting families with home learning and we are updating this regularly.

There is also a lot to be learnt from more practical activities, such as cooking, arts and crafts. There’s no need to try and create the full school experience - a couple of hours each day (with breaks) is sufficient.  

It isn’t often we get the time to just be with our families for such an extended period of time - so use this time wisely, enjoy it, and remember that we are already busy planning for how we will catch up on learning when school finally re-opens!

Tips for Wellbeing from the Mental Health Foundation 

  1. Plan your day - set times to get dressed, learn, get active and connect as a family. At the end of the day reflect on how the day has gone as part of the bed time routine.
  2. Move More - Explore ways of adding movement to your day to reduce stress, increase energy levels and improve sleep. 
  3. Try Relaxation Techniques - Find ways to relax and focus on the present. This can improve your mental health and lighten low mood or negative feelings. Why not have a go at meditation or breathing exercises?
  4. Connect with others - share a cup of tea, watch a movie or play a game together, have a video-chat or send a text. Use this time to share and communicate in ways you might not have before.
  5. Practice self-care - how will you look after yourself each day? How will you be kind to yourself and recognise your successes (even the tiny ones!). Plan opportunities throughout the day to reflect by yourself and as a family.
  6. Improve your sleep - wind down before bed time by avoiding screen time at least an hour before sleep. Try activities such as reading and writing, that will help you to relax in the lead up to bed time.