At Carpenters, we use the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme as the primary way of teaching early reading. Children progress onto whole class reading sessions and Read Write Inc. Spelling, once they have completed the programme and can read with accuracy and speed.

The Read Write Inc programme is used for:

  • Children in Nursery learning letter sounds;
  • Children in Year R to Year 2 who are learning to read (and write);
  • Any children in Years 2, 3 and 4 who need to catch up rapidly;

In Key Stage 2, children who struggle with reading accurately and fluently, take part in the RWI comprehension programme and/ or Fresh Start during their reading sessions. This is usually for a set period of time for between 6-12 weeks, depending on the individual child’s needs.


Children are taught in small groups that are ability set. These are taught by teachers, HLTAs and, on occasion, skilled TAs.  We ensure that children in most need of support work alongside the most skilled members of staff.

Group sizes vary, depending on need and ability. Children are assessed and regrouped each half term - though if children make accelerated progress, they are, of course, regrouped more swiftly.
All staff teaching groups have undergone a minimum of 2 days training. In addition to this, all staff receive weekly coaching sessions and termly support from the RWI phonics consultant.

Phonic Interventions:

  1. Fresh Start
    This is a scheme for children in KS2 which aims to build reading & spelling fluency.  If children can’t read fluently, they can’t fully access the text!
  2. EYFS- ‘Pinny time’ and 1-2-1 assisted blending (Nursery Nurse)
    These are short sessions of a few minutes each day which aim at developing children to recognise letters and sounds
  3. Year 1- 10 minutes additional speed sounds daily
  4. KS1 -  1:1 blending sessions (HLTA or intervention manager)
    Short sessions aimed at supporting children to recognise sounds and blend them

Exposure to high quality texts and vocabulary

In addition to their learning in phonics, children are exposed to a range of high quality texts and genres through a range of activities…

  • Daily whole class ‘stories’
  • Writing lessons
  • 1:1 reading with an adult (when possible)
  • Through the supplementary, high quality texts recommended through the RWI programme
  • Reading for pleasure books to take home
  • Reading with Parents in the morning or the start of the session ( EYFS)
  • Exposure to higher level vocabulary through stories (closing the word gap)