Sports Premium

Sports Premium – 2016-2017

In March 2013, the government announced Olympic Legacy funding for physical education and school sport. This money is ring fenced for PE and school sport and initially consisted of a 2 year grant from 2013-2015. However, it has now been extended into 2016. This funding must be targeted at improving the quality of provision and developing healthy lifestyles for all children in every state primary school in England.
For the academic year Sept 2016 to July 2017, Carpenters Primary School will receive a total of £9,750 towards Sports initiatives. In September 2016 they will receive £5,688 will an additional payment of £4,062 in April 2017.
The following is the proposal for the next round of funding:





Improved swimming provision


To provide a swimming programme which allows children to:

  • understand how to stay safe in and near water in Year 2;
  • learn to swim over a period of time from Year 3 to Year 6;
  • be able to swim at least 25metres by the time they leave Carpenters;
  • develop essential life skills such as; being safe near water, swimming and developing a healthy lifestyle.


of SSCO – School Sport Partnership with Cumberland Secondary School


To provide PE specialists who will:

  • Improve teacher competence and confidence in PE through CPD opportunities and team teaching of lessons;
  • Prepare children to develop the necessary skills to enter and succeed in Inter school competitions;
  • Provide specialist sports coaches for lunchtime and after-school clubs, including clubs for children with SEN/Complex Needs.



As a school, we are committed to ensuring that our children receive the best opportunity possible to succeed in sport and develop healthy lifestyles. A list of after-school clubs and sporting achievements can be found on the school website.