The Mathematics teaching at Carpenters Primary School is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop within their capabilities; not only the mathematics skills and understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm and fascination about maths itself.
We aim to increase pupil confidence in maths so they are able to express themselves and their ideas using the language of maths with assurance.

At Carpenters, while mathematics is taught mainly as a separate subject, we make every effort to link maths with other areas of the curriculum by identifying the mathematical possibilities across the curriculum at the planning stage. We also draw children's attention to the links between maths and other curricular work so children see that maths is not an isolated subject.

For an overview of the main skill that are taught at Carpenters in each year group, please look at our yearly overview

The teaching of maths at Carpenters provides opportunities for:

  • Group work
  • Paired work
  • Whole class teaching
  • Individual work

Pupils engage in:

  • The development of mental strategies
  • Written methods
  • Practical work
  • Investigational work
  • Problem solving/ opportunities to apply their learning across a range of contexts
  • Mathematical discussion
  • Consolidation of basic skills and routines